Roberta’s Modern Dance and Classical Ballet training began in 1998 in Rome. In 2006 she began her professional career working with “Revers Dance Company” directed by Luciano Melandri in Rome, Pesaro, and New York.

In 2009 she moved to Madrid where she began a two-season run of “40 el Musical”. She continued enriching her artistic repertoire in Spain with Ballet, Modern, Contemporary, Jazz, Urban Dance, Aerial Dance and Vertical Dance classes and workshops. In 2011 she travelled to New York to enhance her dance studies (Hip Hop, New style, Funk, Modern, Contemporary) at Broadway Dance Center, Steps on Broadway, and Peridance. She worked also as a dancer and choreographer in spots, video clips, conventions, circus, and events.

Since 2008 she has taught Modern Jazz, Funk, and Contemporary dance in different schools and studios in Rome, Madrid, and Berlin.

In 2014 she decided to move to Berlin. From the beginning of 2014 she began learning the “Conscious Body System” and performing in Chaim Gebber’s works: “The Green Village”, “Body Play”, “20×20”, “For One’s Sake”, “Exploring Visuals”, “Soft Beasts”. Additionally she works as a freelance performer with Abel Navarro Luftdanza in aerial dance performances and as a dance teacher at Tanzstudio Carmen and substitute at Tanzfabrik Berlin.

Since 2014 she is a founding member in “Chaim Gebber-Open Scene”.

Actually she is performing in Berlin and touring around the world with Chaim Gebber-Open Scene and teaching “The Conscious Body System”.